• how to make sauerkraut

    How to Make Sauerkraut From Your Garden Cabbage

    It is common to enter the world of fermentation through sauerkraut; It is easy, requires only simple equipment and the end product will be tastier and healthier than anything you will find in the store. Sauerkraut is alive with beneficial bacteria and I like putting it on just about everything. My favorite is to put […]

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  • cooking with amaranth

    Grow, Harvest and Cook With Amaranth

    Amaranth is an ancient grain with a history steeped in the Aztec Empire. The Conquistadores attempted to eradicate the plant. However, due to the perseverance of subversive farmers and of the plant itself, amaranth survives today. Read about amaranth’s history here.  Although not a grass like the true grains, amaranth seed is often considered a […]

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  • History of Amaranth

    The Conquest of a Plant: A Brief History of Amaranth

    Colonization raises many weapons at the targeted. First, there are swords and guns, weapons that kill. Then, there are more insidious slower working weapons. Weapons that alienate people from skills that their ancestors have passed down for centuries. Weapons that make people forget what plants provide medicine and which ones poison. These weapons aim to […]

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  • Grow Your Own Basil Cocktail

    An ancient myth held that if left under a pot, basil would turn into a scorpion. Medieval legends claimed that a patch of basil sprouted where Jesus’ blood fell during his crucifixion. As a medicinal herb, basil has been used as an antidote to venomous bites. While courting women, men have worn a necklace of […]

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  • Inviting in the Bugs: 11 Plants to Increase Garden Diversity

    The Good, the bad and the ugly. Gardeners talk about bugs like they are characters in a Western; ladybugs in a white hat, aphids in black. Ecology, however, is much more complicated. Earwigs, often considered ‘bad bugs,’ are predators and scavengers. They eat the fallen detritus in our gardens providing a valuable nutrient recycling service. […]

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  • What I’m Reading: Insects and Gardens

    We do not see most of the interactions in our gardens: ladybugs and ants wage war, aphids give virgin births and wasps lay their eggs on the backs of caterpillars. When we see evidence of the little creatures carrying out these interactions, a chewed leaf or sickly plant, we are culturally trained to intervene. We bring […]

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  • What Are Garlic Scapes? Grow and Cook With This Garden Delicacy

    Garlic scapes are a rare delicacy. In spring they briefly appear at farmer’s markets then disappear. You may have come across them at the farmer’s market, wondered what they were, and moved on.  Garlic scapes have the crisp crunchiness of green beans with a mild garlic flavor. The best way to acquire garlic scapes is […]

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  • Eat Your Flowers: 10 Easy to Grow Edible Flowers

    Flowers are not there for our enjoyment. Think of them as that lit up “liquor” sign down the street; bright, inviting, the promise of something good. But, this promise is for pollinators, not us.  Interestingly, however, the colors, shapes and smells that bees find attractive are also appealing to us. And so we admire flowers but […]

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