“The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.”

This quote is one of my favorites. I used to picture the day Paul Cezanne predicts, The Carrot Revolution, people marching in the streets, carrots in one hand, rifles in the other.

While this image may still come to fruition, I have come to think of the quote differently. Cezanne is speaking about a revolution of thought. Take one seemingly simple item from the natural world; a blade of grass, a working ant, a carrot pulled from the earth. Spend some time really looking at it. In it is the intricacy and wonder of the world, It is revolutionary.

I started this site in 2016 to dig deeper into gardening, food and sustainability. The gardening and cooking sites I had been reading had solid information and inspiring pictures but they didn’t convey what gardening and sustainability really meant for me. They were all too cute. 

Sprouting a seed, foraging in the mountains, fermenting a freshly harvested cabbage, is about more than a good Instagram photo.

This site is about connecting with soil, tending to it and enjoying what grows from it. It is about caring for the earth in a meaningful way and navigating the difficult issues that arise in this mission. This site is about fostering a relationship with nature in younger generations. It is here to encourage less consumption and more creation. This site recognizes food is political and environmental and food justice are some of the most pressing issues of our time. This site is about revolution.

Who Am I

I grew up on the edge of Los Angeles where the city begins to give way to sandstone boulders. Climbing the oaks that twisted around these boulders and catching frogs that lived in seasonal streams are among my earliest and fondest memories. This is why I am passionate about protecting nature, those boulders, oaks and frogs personalized it for me.  

I have been exploring sustainability issues and ecological farming for 15 years. Through my work with non-profits and schools, I have taught sustainable gardening to everyone from 2 to 90-year-olds. Places I have taught include Pierce College, Larchmont Charter School and MUSE School Calabasas. My garden spaces have ranged from boxes wedged between Hollywood buildings to 1/2 acre plots of land in the Santa Monica Mountains. I have consulted on edible, drought tolerant and sustainable landscape design across Los Angeles. I hope to always grow and create and to share this passion.   


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