• teaming with microbes

    What I’m Reading: Teaming With Microbes

    There is a world beneath your feet, or, if you avoid stepping on your garden soil, beneath your hands. Bacteria hide from hungry protozoa in tiny soil pores the protozoa are too large to enter. Fungi trick nematodes by releasing an attractive chemical that draws the nematode near. The fungus then extends a hypa that […]

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  • 10 Easy Edible Plants to Propagate

    The only thing better than plants is free plants. If you have a friend who brags about their pomegranate tree’s perfect fruit or how their rosemary bush thrives with no water then take a cutting from their plants to grow your own. Your resulting plant will be genetically identical to the parent. If you are […]

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  • Free Plants: How to Propagate Plants From Cuttings

    Imagine cutting off a finger, sticking it in some soil and growing a new you from it. Many plants can do exactly that. Seeds are the most common way to propagate plants. Known as sexual propagation, seeds are important because they often contain the genetic makeup of two parents creating genetic diversity. Asexual propagation, on […]

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  • How to Successfully Start Seeds Indoors

    Buying seedlings from nurseries works for the new gardener. But, soon you will be looking for something other than yellow squash and beefsteak tomatoes. You may want to grow Mexican sour gherkins or try a funky vegetable that will get your kids excited about the garden. For these rare plants, you will need to start […]

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  • Check Out These Seeds: What is a Seed Library?

    Seeds should be shared, their nature insists upon it. A single pumpkin contains hundreds of seeds. when lettuce bolts, the seeds produced are difficult to contain. Nature produces in abundance and the seed saver knows each year their collection grows exponentially. Seeds thrive when distributed among community growers, not when copyrighted and claimed as intellectual […]

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  • seed companies

    8 Seed Companies With More Than Great Packaging

    Seeds are miracles. The seed of a giant sequoia blows out of your hand in a light breeze. But, that seed contains all the genetic material needed to make the largest living organism on the planet. You wouldn’t notice a tomato seed on the ground and in fact eat hundreds of them regularly without a […]

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