• 10 Plants to Grow With Kids That Will Inspire a Love for the Garden

    Kids are instinctively attracted to the garden. Earthworms, dirty hands, colorful blooms, strange fruit and eating make gardening with kids easy. Think beyond watermelons and strawberries and try these ten plants. 10 Plants to Grow With Kids 1. Strawberry Popcorn (Zea mays ‘strawberry popcorn’) The word ‘popcorn’ is enough to get any kid excited and […]

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  • Mexican Sour Gherkin Pickles: Tiny Watermelons in a Jar

    Mexican Sour Gherkins (Melothria scabra) look like tiny watermelons and taste similar to cucumbers but are neither. Native to Mexico and Central America where they are called sanditas (little watermelon), fruits can be pickled, thrown in salads, sautéed with oil and garlic or snacked on in the garden. Kids especially enjoy searching the vine for ripe […]

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